Sustainability is Survivability

Vim ESD (formerly Vim Sustainability) is a leading boutique sustainability consultancy for the commercial built environment. We specialise in the design science of sustainable buildings that will maximise resource efficiency, improve comfort and minimise running costs.

Please call 0401 848 888 to enquire about any of our services:

  • Sustainable Design Science
  • Climate Responsive Design
  • Thermal comfort analysis
  • ESD Strategies
  • Passive Heating & Cooling Solutions
  • Building Modelling
  • Natural Ventilation Engineering
  • Building Performance Diagnostics
  • Section ‘J’ (DTS and JV3) and BASIX Assessments
  • Operational Sustainability
  • Green Star Services
  • Presentations and workshops

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BCS ‘Zero Energy Project’ Community Centre; Kellyville
Image Courtesy of McFadyen Architects

VIM is a holistic and personalised boutique sustainability consultancy.

In 2014 to better reflect our services we changed our name to Vim ESD . Same team and services, new name. We specialise in offering innovative and practical ecologically sustainable development (ESD) services. We approach all our projects using passive and low tech opportunities as the first step in our process.

Our team of handpicked engineers and scientists work with a number of sectors to find sustainable solutions in the new and renovated commercial built environment. Our consultancy encompasses the planning and design stages of a building, right through to project assessment and the building’s operation. We search for efficiencies across the overall building lifecycle that can save money and maximise sustainable outcomes.

Walk the walk

Vim ESD Sustainability Consultants, proudly operates its business in a fully sustainable manner.

About John Brodie

John Brodie, the principal and founder of Vim  ESD (formerly Vim Sustainability Consulting), is a passionate sustainability consultant with a Masters Degree  in Sustainable Design Science  from Sydney University. He was a construction project manager, design manager and builder for the previous thirty  years before establishing Vim Sustainability in 2003.

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Why Sustainability

When properly managed, sustainability is proven to increase your profits and reduce your environmental loads while improving occupant health and comfort. Save money and the environment -the win/ win solution.

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vim care

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Vim’s new press advertising campaign features a ‘thinking’ orangutan. At Vim we support the Australian Orangutan Project. Visit them here.

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