CEO Oran Park (NSW) School and Church Development

Vim Sustainability are pleased to announce their appointment as ESD consultants for the new Catholic Education Office Oran Park education and worship centre.

Oran Park is a new suburb in development  in western Sydney and is designed around broad sustainability pricnciples.Vim Sustainability’s appointment  is due  our expertise  provided to the CEO last year on over 50 of their shcools.Vim Sustainability has a large amount of experience working in schools and also in urban developments where sustainable outcomes are required to be maximised.

Utilising passive and low tech design science our process will involve initial climate considerations for the location as well as investigation of the preliminary overall layout of the precinct in regards to wind and sunshine. The idea us to ensure the proposed precinct maximises external comfort for the occupants before the final locations of the buildings are confirmed. Using detailed CFD air flow and sunlighting analysis software we are able to understand the impacts of a range of design options in this initial stages.Ths will minimise risk for our client and ensure that the preliminary design starts on the right foot.

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