Vim Sustainability moves to new offices

Due to unprecedented growth Vim Sustainability has relocated from their previous office in Newtown to their new office in South Sydney Corporate Park in Alexandria. The new office is around four times the size of the old office and is located in a ‘green’ precinct where¬† waste water is reused and rain water is captured, stored and used. A range of waste and recycling initiatives are implemented at the Corporate Park and Vim Sustainability are intending to work closely with the park’s owner to improve sustainability outcomes across a range of areas.

One of the unique things about the park is its provision of shuttle buses to Central and Green Square station for park workers, minimising the use of cars and car parking and encouraging the use of public transport.The building Vim Sustainability has moved into has been designed around green principles including solar shading and breezeways.

Vim Sustainability intends to improve their office by installing the following offshore merchant account sustainability initiatives:-

  1. Sunpipes to maximsie the office daylight and reduce energy use
  2. WindowMaster automated Window operating systems to ensure there is a fresh and comfortable internal environment without the need for air conditioning
  3. Grid Manager energy management systems
  4. ‘Air Pear’ thermal destratifiers
  5. Low toxic carpet and paint finishes
  6. Recycled furniture and equipment
  7. Office waste and recycling process offshore merchant account
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