KMART’S Sustainable Retail Future.

In 2010, Kmart appointed Vim Sustainability as their sustainability and energy auditing consultants.

Over the past year, Vim Sustainability in conjunction with Allan Jack Cottier Architects have devised a cutting edge ESD store concept and business plan for Kmart, in both the Australian and New Zealand climate. The energy saving results and improvements of the new store concept have been astounding, with Kmart now paving a very clear pathway towards a sustainable retail future.

According to Kmart’s Sustainability Report for 2010, the retail chain considered energy audits to identify opportunities for improvement as a priority and an outcome for 2010. This priority was achieved as 6 energy audits were completed on existing stores in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland as part of the Energy Efficiency Opportunities (EEO) program. The audits showed savings of 15-30% per store.

Their 2011 priorities includes a focus on energy use and to introduce initiatives to reduce the amount of energy the stores consume. The main energy user in their distribution centres is lighting, and Vim took an active part in identifying opportunities to reduce this energy use through daylight modeling software and design strategies.

To read about Vim’s involvement in the Kmart International project click here

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