St Benedict’s School; Oran Park; NSW -ESD Consultants

Vim Sustainability has just been appointed the ESD consultants on the new St Benedict’s School located at Oran Park for the Catholic Education Office.

The school is located next door to St Justins which Vim Sustainability also worked on last year as the ESD consultants.

Focusing on providing a sustainable outcome utilising a range of passive solutions including natural ventilation, built form air flow improvement, maximised classroom and back of house daylighting, and night purging as well as consideration of a range of water capture and storage options Vim Sustainability will be working closely with the architects, Fulton Trotter and the engineering team of Medland Metropolis who were also the engineering consultants on the St Justin’s project. The lessons learned from the St Justin’s project and the information gleaned from our local climate analysis and climate responsive design strategy is now being applied to this project as well with great benefit.

Detailed thermal and PMV modeling we undertook on St Justin’s can now also be applied to this project due to their close proximity.

Vim Sustainability are pleased to be able to work with the Catholic Education Office on this exciting project ensuring it meets the requirements of reduced impact on the environment and maximised internal comfort levels and learning outcomes for the students.

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