Thermal Comfort Study in Aged Care Facilities – World first

Vim Sustainability has just commenced a thermal comfort study in a range of Aged Care facilities in NSW with the intent of identifying what is comfortable for aged care facility inhabitants.

In regards to designing an efficient and sustainable comfortable building there is paucity of knowledge around what residents actually find comfortable, resulting in an excess  of anecdotal evidence, hearsay  and assumptions being made by clients and design teams that often result in unsuitable and uncomfortable  environments   for the resident and expensive outcomes for the client. Remembering the impact conditioned spaces have on energy consumption and carbon emissions the knowledge that can be utilised by understanding what residents will find comfortable will have major impacts on resource usage and related running costs not to mention a raft of other benefits that will improve the design of buildings and residents comfort.

While only a pilot study this is the first type of study involving thermal comfort in aged care facilities undertaken anywhere in the world.

The methodology is based upon the standard ASHRAE research questionnaire and the outcomes will be analysed using a range of statistical diagnostic processes.

The study will be undertaken across a range of facilities in the same climate zone in both winter and summer.

Vim Sustainability is very excited about the outcomes and the insights this will provide to us as sustainability consultants but also to the Aged Care industry as a whole. The completion date of the study is expected to be around May next year. Please feel free to contact us if you require further information around this unique research project.

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