Towards a Sustainable Future (Radio 6PR)

John Brodie talks Sustainability on Radio 6PR with Jason Jordan

Where will we be in the future? How will we be running communities, designing buildings, houses, schools and offices? There is a shift emerging towards sustainable design driven by both designers and home owners in new spaces and existing spaces through retrofitting. 

The key to a sustainable home is making a commitment towards sustainable solutions in all areas of the house. Generally the two biggest costs in a house come from lighting and air conditioning.

We need to see the implementation of a regime whereby traditional mechanical methods of heating and cooling are only used at peak times. Therefore, natural ventilation systems can be used for the most part which will dramatically reduce energy costs, increase comfort and help lessen the load on the environment.

We need to do something about the rising cost of electricity bills and our impact on the environment. We need to return to the basics, looking at how air flows and moves around buildings which goes back to the way buildings are being designed. With climate responsive design we can reduce our need for mechanical heating and cooling.

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