Our Cost to the Environment and Society from Overuse

John Brodie talks on 6PR

We live on the driest continent on the planet and we are really bad at managing water. We need to capture rain water and reduce the amount of water we waste.  Some people have taken the initiative of installing rain water tanks in their houses which is a great idea with the ever increasing cost of water.  But infrastructure is where we are really falling down now. We need to move away from centralized power stations and move towards energy consumption that is laid out, to improve efficiency.

The McKinsey Report highlights the cost of our damage to the environment which is in the trillions of dollars and is unquantifiable. The Carbon Tax is trying to remedy this by penalizing those who are the highest emitters of carbon. Ultimately, the financial side of things will not exist if we do not have an environment.

We all insure our car or house if something were to go wrong, we’ve done something about that and now it is time with the Carbon Tax for us to do something about our damage on the environment.

Improvements in the built environment can be made by passive and low-tech solutions, such as insulation in walls and roof, and double glaze windows which increase comfort levels and reduce energy use.

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