The benefits of landscaping in the way we design buildings and communities

John Brodie speaks on 6PR.

Brodie recently visited Vim Sustainability’s Oxygen Farm in Northern NSW which contains roughly 300 acres of forest. Analysis based on the CSIRO show that the trees provide oxygen for appr

oximately 5500 people.

Brodie also comments on the impact of smoking on our environment that is rarely spoken about and is likely to raise a few eyebrows. If we look at the number of smokers around the world and multiply the amount of smoke that those cigarettes emit, it’s an extraordinary amount of smoke. Not to mention the embodied energy used in the manufacture of the cigarettes.

Landscaping is another area in which we need to put more focus on, in the way we design buildings and communities. Landscaping has major impacts on views and it is about providing a community with high quality of air, in and around buildings. These ideas were raised to Brodie in the lecture series he attended in Hong Kong.

Other ideas brought to the fore include landscaping as a means of providing cooling and encouraging air flow. The ‘living machine’ concept was also talked about, which was designed by Dr. John Todd in the 70’s and its amazing ability to use landscaping for sewerage has proven popular worldwide.

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