The Negative Effects of Air Conditioning on your Health

Why does air conditioning have negative effects on your health? John Brodie explains on 6PR.

The percentage of fresh air in air conditioners is quite minimal causing your nose and mouth to dry out. This is caused from breathing in the same air all night. While air conditioning is great to take you from 40 to 20°C, it can result in many respiratory illnesses or dry eyes to name just a few symptoms.

There are different types of air conditioning units. Now buildings are looking at minimizing or changing the types of systems being used. Green star ratings in commercial buildings encourage significant amounts of outside air that minimizes the amount of air conditioning being used. In addition, things like using hot water from the sun or storing water underground uses less energy.

We need air conditioning because we don’t build buildings right. Who is getting it right is the Rocky Mountains Institute located in Colorado, USA. They are a leading think tank on sustainability and they use no artificial heating whatsoever to heat/ cool their building!

Sustainability is also about efficiency- in the way we design and operate buildings. If you’re not being efficient, you’re not making money and you won’t survive.

Things to think about:

1)      Local climate analysis- what climate can bring to the building- can it add energy?

2)      Shape and materials used in buildings to minimize gadgets.

3)      Level of comfort people will accept in building. Is it a living environment?


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