Sustainability Policy


Vim Sustainability is fully committed to industry-best sustainability policies that governs all operations.

At Vim Sustainability, the tangible health & cost-saving benefits associated with the utilisation of energy efficient natural cooling, lighting & management systems are measurable on a daily basis.

We are committed to working with our suppliers, partners and the communities we touch to promote efficient and environmentally sensitive practices.

We will continually improve our performance and stay at the forefront of the sustainability movement by gathering information on how we can encourage and utilise sustainable practices to ensure a better future.


  • Maxmise the efficient use of all resources.
  • Ongoing development and maintenance of high standards of ethical and ecologically sensitive business practices at all times.
  • Establishing and achieving sustainability performance targets.
  • Minimise waste, environmental impact through reuse and recycling.
  • Engaging with our clients and suppliers to improve the efficiency and sustainability performance of our manufacturing and supply of world-class climate solutions.
  • Improve internal efficiency by developing, identifying and encouraging our staff to strive for optimal performance, efficiency and sustainability.


In order to ensure Vim Sustainabiilty operates at peak efficiency we will actively seek out the latest developments in sustainable corporate practices.

The company will conduct quarterly reviews of business operations to identify possible improvements and ensure all elements of the sustainability policy are implemented effectively.