Vim Sustainability has undertaken a number of initiatives to ensure we practice what we preach.

VIM Office:

  • Previously working out of a recycled flour mill warehouse in Newtown.
  • Currently working in a Green Office at South Sydney Corporate Park.
  • All rainwater is captured  and reused at SSCP
  • Office is naturally lit by glazing design,Sunpipes® and ventilated by NV™ energy-free window automation systems.
  • Office is arranged around  Natural Ventilation  so as to remove the need for air conditioning
  • 30% reduction in energy consumption by installing a GridManager energy management system.
  • Recycling all office waste.
  • Use of recycled printing paper
  • Utilising low energy office equipment.
  • Office carpet is low VOC and is completely recyclable.
  • Office is painted in low VOC paints.
  • Office lighting has   daylight sensors  installed
  • Some of the staff are vegetarians resulting in significantly reduced personal carbon footprints.
  • Shuttle buses used by staff back to the nearest train stations

VIM Memberships:

  • Green Building Council Australia (GBCA)
  • Australian Association of Sustainable Healthcare (AASH)
  • Association of Building Sustainability Assessors (ABSA)

VIM Sponsorships:

  • Directly sponsoring six children to go to school in Luang Prabang in Laos
  • Directly sponsoring an orphanage in Siem Reap in Cambodia
  • Providing English teaching services to the  orphanage in Siem Reap in Cambodia
  • Sponsoring a child in Peru through through World Vision
  • Sponsoring an orphan child  Phonm Penh, Cambodia  through the Sunshine Charity
  • Speaking free of charge about sustainability to assorted ‘not for profit’ organisations

VIM Preservation

  • Owning and preserving 300 acres of  mixed forest and old growth forest as an oxygen farm and carbon offset facility on the Mid North Coast of NSW
  • Sponsoring endangered orangutans in Borneo