Columbia Health Care Group

Willowood Aged Care Centre, Chatswood
A 90 bed high and low care Aged Care Centre
Winner of Master Builders Merit award for ‘Energy Efficiency’, 2006

This is a 3 story building that was designed to cater for 64 high care and 26 low care residents. We became involved as sustainable consultants after the building design had been completed. This left us little scope to incorporate many sustainable design features.

We used our knowledge of sustainable practice to make an assortment of cost effective recommendations to the client, most of which were accepted.

The reductions in water and power use as the result of our recommendations will be paid off by the Centre in 2 years, resulting in around $25,000-30,000 profit every subsequent year. These were only two of a raft of retro fit design principles we incorporated into the project. The client was so pleased with the outcomes and the overall benefits to their project that they have made a commitment that all their future projects will be sustainable.