Miranda Office Building & Medical Centre

Project Name: Kiora Road, Miranda Office Building & Medical Centre
Architects: Geo Form
Project Value Estimate: $8 Mill
Status: The project has been submitted for authority approval and is awaiting the determination.

Impressions supplied by Geo Form Architects.

Project Summary:

The Kiora Road office building at Miranda is a unique building because the client is keen to implement range of passive and low tech sustainability concepts through a unique architectural design. This is not a common approach to office buildings in Sydney, especially when they are above three storeys.

The architects have suggested a double ventilated face rising vertically up the northern facade which will link in with a range of unique initiatives not commonly utilised in a building of this type in this climate.
The architects Geoform, based in Sydney   have  been instrumental in promoting  the sustainability intent of the building and the client, who is a medical practitioner, requires this building to showcase the idea of sustainability  in health care and its benefits  to the building inhabitants and visitors including maximised internal environment quality.

Vim Sustainability was appointed the ESD consultants early 2010 to assist in providing the required passive and low tech sustainability solutions we are known for.

Natural Ventilation Design:
Initial works we have done have centred on the preliminary design and engineering of the double ventilated facade to ensure summer cooling air flows  and winter heat retention is maximised.

In addition a range of analysis and discussion has been held between the design and project team around the internal construction typology to maximise comfort, agreed internal comfort levels and low tech options for heating and cooling. At present  the automated facade will operate through a range of window automation initiatives with the top venting and drawing air through the offices as required in summer   and sealing up and forming a type of ‘thermal blanket’ around the building in winter.

Cartoon designed by Vim Sustainability.

Heating & Cooling Design:

In regards to heating and cooling there has been a lot of preliminary works around the use of an earth tube pipes conditioning system situated in the basement allied with a wall mounted radiant panel heating and cooling system. Issues around condensation are still being examined but we believe we have arrived at a pragmatic solution for that matter. In addition to the thermal labyrinth initiative we are also looking at maximising the natural ventilation options across the year through the use of internal thermal chimneys located in lift shafts where we use the lift shaft as a thermal pump and also where we examine other extremities of the building to be an addition to the double glazed facade. Of course appropriate glazing specifications to ensure comfort combined with the appropriate design of thermal mass exposed inside the building are other areas we have been doing investigative works.