Parramatta Aged Care Facility

Parramatta Aged Care Facility

Eco Audit; 2007

The Parramatta Aged Care Facility is a 152 bed high care facility that was constructed in the early 1990s.It is located in Parramatta, NSW.

The management of the facility has identified there are running costs expenses and operational inefficiencies that will only increase as the costs of water and power increase rapidly over the next few years.

In addition the management required advice on how to improve their sustainable outcomes to increase benefits to residents by further improving their already high levels of comfort.

Nearly every building or facility Vim Sustainability Consulting investigates has major deficiencies from a sustainability aspect. Sustainability as a concept was not current at the time of design or construction for most facilities so inevitably nearly all buildings are not designed for a sustainable outcome.

Vim Sustainability Consulting undertook a detailed Eco Audit of the existing facility. This included services infrastructure and built environment analysis, management procedures and policies as well as operational diagnostics.

The outcome was a detailed 60 page report. This report recommended a range of operational infrastructure and built environment changes.

The report also provided a framework for analyzing the long term vision of  the facility and provided a raft of recommendations for operational and policy changes.

If these recommendations are implemented they will significantly improve running costs, comfortability of occupants and profitability while also ensuring the facility remains relevant and current into the future in the rapidly changing Aged Care environment.