Satyananda Ashram

Sustainability adding Value.

Satyananda Ashram – Eco Audit; 2007

This large spiritual Yoga Ashram is situated in a deep valley adjacent a river in Mangrove Mountain in NSW, just north of Sydney.

The Ashram is a spiritual learning centre and contains a variety of accommodation for around 250 attendees. There is also a variety of different offices, shops, library and large eating, meditation and meeting halls.

The Ashram has been constructed over a period of thirty years and during that time there was, understandably, little attention paid to sustainability. Sustainability of design, the built environment or sustainability of operations.

The running costs of the Ashram are high and management has identified that in order to remain cost effective and relevant into the future they need to understand where value can be added. Sustainability is a major tool for adding value to any operations. This can be achieved by significantly improving environmental outcomes and offering improved residential comfort, through changes to the built environment, operational performance and
a revised business vision that addresses future relevance.

The Ashram approached Vim Sustainability Consulting with their concerns.

Vim Sustainability Consulting undertook an Eco Audit which examined all their current building designs, operational procedures and services infrastructure from a sustainability view point.

We also analysed the future vision of their business to ensure that our sustainability proposals would add value for the longer term viability of the Ashram.

The results of the analysis were interesting and informative. They formed a detailed 50 page report. The Ashram has been given a raft of costed options relating to built environment and infrastructure improvements, operational policies and procedures as well as the outline framework for a sustainability Master plan to assist with focusing the operations into the next 30 years. These outcomes and many others become a range of tools that if used will significantly improve the sustainable future of the facility and the organisation as a whole.