The Kresner Group

The Kresner Group

A 120 bed Aged Care Centre, Bankstown

This is a large Aged Care centre that included many of our recommendations into their design.

The whole operating platform of this centre’s services were changed to suit a sustainable outcome after we became involved.

We encouraged the design team to rethink their design basis while providing examples to the client of how a sustainable project would benefit their occupants and their business.

We examined assorted sustainable options with the design team and the client, offering support and incentive whenever they became bogged down in the fears that often arise when investigating and committing to new design concepts.

We estimated they will reduce their power consumption by over 40% compared to another of their similar sized operations.

We anticipate this project, if operated correctly (very important) should provide at least a $40,000 saving per annum just through the main services design changes. This equates to a 4-6 year payback period.