Our aim is to maximise efficiencies across the overall project cycle

Our team of consultants, designers, scientists and specialist engineers work directly with developers, architects, clients and other design, construction and business professionals to integrate resource efficient and environmentally responsive design into built projects.

We assist clients to develop buildings and communities that are more profitable to build (or renovate), less expensive to run, healthier, more comfortable and more productive to work in. Our solutions include site and building design, energy and water efficiency and building ecology.

Our staff uses a range of tools to develop sustainable solutions for buildings and operations, including  building software modelling, researching case studies, new policies, technologies,and techniques. We are considered experts in sustainability, with many of VIM’s team invited to lecture, conduct seminars and author assorted publications.

We focus on passive and low tech solutions to heating, cooling and powering buildings as our first option. These can include natural ventilation using the shape of the building, shading design to promote air low and stop sunlight,earth tube cooling, radiant and evaporative cooling, solar hydronic heating and cooling, Windcatchers and solar chimneys, thermal labyrinths and inground water cooling.

VIM’s services include:

1. Master planning

  • Sustainability strategies
  • Carbon reduction
  • Local climate modeling
  • Micro-climate analysis
  • Wind flow and wind temperature analysis
  • Authority submissions and presentations
  • Presentation and workshop facilitation
  • Sustainable Master Plans

2. Concept design

  • Passive ESD  specifications
  • Adaptive comfort initiatives
  • Building passive design strategies
  • Building fabric  and façade analysis
  • Thermo dynamics analysis
  • Climate responsive design strategies
  • Integrated design guides
  • Sustainability Guidelines
  • Glazing design
  • Shading design

3. Design development

  • Natural ventilation design/engineering
  • CFD  internal/external airflow  modeling
  • Building energy and thermal software modeling
  • Daylight analysis/design
  • Thermal mass design/engineering
  • LCA (Life Cycle Cost Analysis)
  • Renewable energy engineering
  • Water management solutions
  • Preliminary cost analysis
  • Plan reviews, on-site reviews and eco audits.

4. DA/Documentation Stage

  • Section J DTS and JV3 assessments
  • AccuRate, BASIX and Bers Pro  thermal modelling
  • BCA 6 star  thermal modeling
  • Green Star  Modeling works (ACE,DAYLIGHT, ENERGY, PMV)
  • Sustainability reports
  • Council and authority ESD reports

5. Construction

  • Site inspections
  • ESD Compliance reports
  • Infra red thermal diagnostics
  • Building User Guides
  • Sustainable construction methodologies

6. Commissioning

  • CIBSE commissioning engineering specifications
  • Commissioning management
  • Commissioning specifications
  • Commissioning clauses
  • Building tuning
  • Services efficiency diagnostics
  • Green Star Commissioning

7. Operational

  • Educational seminars, workshops and articles
  • ESD staff training
  • Sustainable operations analysis and solutions

8. Measuring

  • BEEC (Mandatory reporting)
  • BEEC
  • Green Star
  • Breeam
  • Living Building Standard (LBS)
  • Zero Emissions Developments (ZED)
  • Accredited Green Star professionals