VIM provides the following services at the Commissioning stage:

  • CIBSE commissioning engineering specifications

Utilising CIBSE Commissioning Guides we have reviewed the included information and have adjusted this to suit the Australian environment. Our experienced commissioning engineer will ensure you have a professional commissioning response.

  • Commissioning management

We undertake commissioning management for your facility either through the design process or for Green Star compliance.

  • Commissioning specifications

Our commissioning engineers will provide relevant commissioning specifications and guidance in commissioning for your building or development

  • Commissioning clauses

We can provide you with relevant commissioning clauses to be inserted into your design or maintenance specifications.

  • Building tuning

Our energy auditing and commissioning team will fine tune your building services just like a car. We can also provide the building tuning requirements and services for Green Star compliance.

  • Services efficiency diagnostics

Our team of experienced services engineers will review all components of your services design and provide a detailed impartment report as required.

  • Green Star Commissioning

We do Green Star commissioning services to ensure compliance with the Green Star requirements.