Where we have to check and monitor!

  • Builders Scopes

What is the point of designing a sustainable building if your builder constructs it using unsustainable practices?

With our in-house real world building expertise we can provide the sustainable scope to guide the builder. It will help him save money and make you sure you are doing all you can to minimise the impact of your building on the environment.

  • Site inspections

Our experience in the construction process gives us a point of difference over other consultants. We can undertake site inspections of our recommendations to ensure they are being correctly installed.

  • ESD Compliance reports

We undertake detailed compliance reports as required after our site inspection

  • Infra-red thermal diagnostics

Isn’t technology great? What we can do with our thermal camera is amazing.

We have a unique thermal imaging camera which we can use to identify of areas of thermal leakage either in your building fabrics such as walls or windows or your appliances such as fridges. This can provide you with significant energy savings once these areas of weakness are identified and fixed.

  • Building User Guides

Everything else comes with instructions so why shouldn’t your sustainable building. If you spend all the time and effort and cost making your building more sustainable if it is not operated correctly then the outcomes will not be maximised. Ensuring people know how to use their new or refurbished building is important and we can provide you with a detailed building user guide, to suit both  Green Star or your own personal requirements

  • Sustainable construction methodologies

Our engineers and scientists have a thorough knowledge of what sustainable building options and products are available. We often recommend products that are unique and valuable to the process.