DA/Documentation Stage

The time when you need a good understanding and hope it is right!

  • NCC Section J DTS and JV3 assessments

Let us help you get your building over the line!

Section J assessments as part of the NCC– we do a heap of them- DTS and JV3 –Performance modelling as required.

Each year this is going to get to be a more onerous and difficult compliance standard, so let us help you get your building over the line.

Anyone can do a Section J. That isn’t the issue. The issue is, is it right? And is the outcome cost effective? Can your back yard assessor have the skills and knowledge our engineers have? Remember Section ‘J’ requirements if properly implemented will reduce your running costs. That is the intent of the legislation. Not just finding the cheapest guy to pass it for you.

Vim ESD’s sustainability engineers are skilled and experienced in undertaking all relevant NCC Section ‘J’ assessments. We can review your design to ensure Deemed to Satisfy Compliance (DTS) or we can use our sophisticated software modelling services to model your building and ensure it complies with the performance requirements (JV3)of the NCC. If your building is an unusual design or has , fro example, non compliant glazing,sometimes the extra cost in running a performance solution will pay off because the outcome allows you to reduce the costs of the building by providing options that are more cost effective without changing the design intent.

  • AccuRate, BASIX and Bers Pro  thermal modelling

Our engineers are trained in these residential compliance softwares and accredited to stamp your drawings. Our sustainable design strategy expertise will maximize your building’s efficiency ensuring that you end up with a compliant building that is cost effective, comfortable and cheaper to run..

  • BCA 6, 7, 8+ star  thermal modelling

Vim ESD’s engineers will help your building achieve six or seven or eight stars or even ten stars if you require that. That is what we do –improve the efficiency of buildings.

  • Green Star  Modelling works (ACE,DAYLIGHT, ENERGY, PMV)

We have access to the best range of software in our office to ensure you meet your Green Star compliance requirements. Don’t forget to ask us as we do a lot of Green Star works for our clients but also we do a lot of it for other consultants. Remember all our team is also Green Star accredited.

  • Sustainability/ESD  Reports –Clients, councils, authorities

Reports, reports, reports! We do heaps of them. For all different clients and for all different reasons!

We also use pretty pictures and our own stylised cartoons to ensure that reports are not only easy to understand but also an interesting read!