Design development

The stage where we can diagnose , understand and maximise a building’s sustainable performance before you spend money on it!

  • Natural ventilation design/engineering

Not just an open window!

Natural ventilation design is a key part of our sustainable strategy for new and existing buildings. Not only do we have a thorough understanding in it – we are very good at it!

It is not just about opening a window. It is a highly detailed and engineered option and our team  of asocaoitesincludes an aerodynamics specialist, a specialist natural ventilation engineer and a world renowned  expert  in natural ventilation design.

Natural ventilation is a key contributor to a resource efficient building. We design and engineer a range of natural ventilation options including chimney and skylight or window design /locations to maximise air flows.

  • CFD internal/external airflow modelling

We use this amazing software to inform  and prove our design options which adds value to any proposal. The use of Computational Fluid Dynamics  (CFD) modelling enables one to identify and view the flow of air or fluids. We use this software to validate or recommend natural ventilation design options or external  air flow solutions.

By using this software we can show for example, the effect of a building shape on air flow, the effect of a tree or a hill or a corridor or a window or a door etc on air flows in and outside your building. This way you get to understand what is going on and we can tell you how to improve your building design to capture natures energy and use it to your advantage – FOR FREE.

  • Building energy and thermal software modelling

Looking into the future to save you thousands of dollars!

Imagine spending a fortune on a building and finding it doesn’t work as you hoped -it is uncomfortable or dark or uses too much energy. How annoying and disappointing! You will thank us for this service.

Using our selection of world’s best software we can show at all designs stages the impact on a building from a range of options. We can identify the value of a range of recommendations before they are actually purchased or implemented. Plus we can help you forecast the running costs of your building before it is built.

How good is that?

  • Daylight analysis/design

No more massive power bills to keep your building lit during the day!

Why are so many of our buildings using electric light during the day when the sun is out?  We seem to have forgotten about daylight as valuable ally in efficiency.

Daylighting is a key comment of a sustainable building design approach. Our design skills in this area combined with our cutting edge daylight modelling software enables us to provide a daylight improvement solution to suit your requirements and your facility.

  • Thermal mass design/engineering

Yes we know all building designers are now putting thermal mass into their buildings –it is the new buzz word. But is it appropriate?

If so, how much and what type and where should it be located?

When you want to drill down on the reality around appropriate thermal mass then come and see us.

Thermal mass can be, sometimes should be or sometimes shouldn’t be, a key component of sustainability in building design and inhabitant comfort.  It goes back to selecting our most suitable design strategy based on your climate. Thermal mass design requires a complex set of engineering calculations and knowledge that leads to an understanding of what is the correct amount and type  of thermal mass required in your facility. Our team here at Vim have that knowledge and understanding in thermal mass to ensure you don’t put too much or too little thermal mass in your walls or ceilings or floor

  • LCA (Life Cycle Cost Analysis)

Identifying the life cycle of the materials in a building and the impact of those materials have on the overall sustainability of the project is a another key outcome of our works. (There’s lots of them isn’t there?)We use the most modern software to provide those outputs, helping the team or client to understand the longer term impact of their building on the environment.

  • Renewable energy engineering

Everyone wants renewables don’t they? .They are the new buzz word. But are they value or are they a very expensive way of paying for something you can get cheaper through utilising our efficiency strategies.

Our renewable engineers who specialise in solar and wind energy will advise you of the best options.

  • Water management solutions

We do work in water as do a lot of ESD consultants. It is a key component of sustainability. We tie our range of skills together to offer you a complete solution so don’t worry water management is part of our offering if required.

  • Preliminary cost analysis

We can provide some cost analysis on some of our recommendations.  We aren’t quantity surveyors but for a lot of our recommendations we have a good understanding of what they cost.

  • Plan reviews, on-site reviews and eco audits.

How cool is it to just send us some plans and get us to provide input and diagnostics right from our desk top. Another one of the many ways we can help inform you of your building and how it can be improved. A cost effective option for you to consider. Now if you want us to come and have a look at your building and provide efficiency advice we can do that too.