Master Planning

  • Sustainability strategies

Your project is your pride and joy! And ours!

The correct sustainability strategy must be utilised for every project if you want to maximise your sustainable outcomes. There is no ‘one size fits all’. We know that too well. The earlier we get involved in your project the more value we can add. We can identify the most suitable sustainable design strategy for your building.

Efficiency in everything we do is efficiency in everything you do. Efficiency is our mantra!

Don’t allow your project to be hamstrung by a lack of knowledge around the most appropriate sustainable design, build and operational solutions. Our eight  years in business providing unique sustainability solutions supplies us the wisdom to ensure we maximise your sustainable outcomes.

Utilise our skills and expertise in creating projects from beginning to end, just as we did, for example, with the Baptist Community Services Zero Emissions Development (ZED) green field projects.

  • Carbon reduction

Carbon! Carbon! Carbon!

This is the currency of the future. At Vim Sustainability we help you create less of it which is unusual for a currency!. But rest assured, making less carbon is a big plus for your business. As the authorities demand more and more reductions in carbon we can be right there showing you how to make your facilities, either new or existing, use less carbon.

  • Local climate modelling

Don’t build an igloo in Cairns!

You cannot have a sustainable design for a facility if you don’t understand and utilise the local climate to your advantage. If you don’t design for the actual local climate then you will need energy and resources to make the building comfortable. This is a crucial understanding. The correct interpretation of this climate knowledge leads to the most appropriate sustainable design strategy. Selecting the correct design strategy for a sustainable building is also crucial. We use our expertise in climate knowledge and analysis combined with specific diagnostic software to understand what value the local climate brings to your project. Really, at the end of the day, you do  want your inhabitants of your building to be comfortable!

  • Micro-climate analysis

Howling southerly winds whipping through your building. Is your project adjacent to the ocean or a river?

There are over 3,000 variables when it comes to the local climate. You can affect these to your advantage through the design of your building, the design of landscaping and a range of other initiatives that arise through understanding the actual micro climate of your project. You can also create or influence the micro climate around your building through the correct sustainable design factors or initiatives.

Bring wind in, block it, and create heat or cold spots in or around your building. Using micro climate analysis we can manipulate the climate around your building and therefore improve your comfort and reduce your resource usage and save you money. Our skill is in interpreting that data and providing it in a format to to assist your design team.

  • Wind flow and wind temperature analysis

Is air flow in and around my facility good or bad?  How can I make it work for me? What are the longer term implications of my building shape or location? Will the upper balconies be comfortable during a strong nor’easter?

Using CFD (air and fluid flow) software we can understand air flows and air flow temperatures across, round and through a facility or development. This will help to understand areas of wind turbulence and discomfort, ventilation opportunities, inform ventilation design etc.

The use of this knowledge can improve the design, maximise occupant comfort inside and outside the facility. It can identify areas of turbulence that should be minimised or accelerated. The information gleaned from this can be extremely helpful across a range of criteria for your development.

We did this for the large Baptist Community Centre green field sites before building locations, shapes and road layouts were finalised, hence identifying areas of comfort or discomfort or where the best location was for wind turbines etc.

  • Authority submissions and presentations

Gaining an authorities approval for your development or renovation is a mandatory requirement. Our skills in explaining the value of our sustainability initiatives often assist in getting projects approved. We don’t just recommend the same old solutions as everyone else. We think outside the circle and many authorities love our passive and low tech approach to solving energy and comfort issues in buildings.

  • Presentation and workshop facilitation

We excite and inform our workshop and presentation attendees in all stages of the sustainability process. John Brodie our managing director has presented at over 50 conferences around Australia on a broad range of sustainability issues from climate responsive design through efficiencies in your facility and business to climate change risk and opportunity.

He has spoken to boards of large companies, presented to design teams on identifying and implementing the correct sustainable design strategy through to educating school children on sustainability.

Don’t miss out. Contact us today to find out more.

  • Sustainable Master Plans

Wanting to go sustainable. Not sure which areas of your business to investigate. What to do? Which areas are important?

Use our experience to your advantage. One of our unique bespoke Sustainability Master Plans will give your business a detailed strategy on moving the whole business forward from sustainable staffing and hiring strategies to environmental to operational process. These outline plans are of great value. They can be as detailed or summary as you like. We work closely with you to work them up to suit your business, now and in the future. If you need to discuss this concept and require some guidance please call us and we will show you how we can help.