VIM provides the following services at the Operational stage:

  • Educational seminars, workshops and articles

We undertake training and education workshops or presentations to assist promote the message of sustainability to help employees understand about sustainability. Our managing director has written scores of articles for a broad range of magazines on many aspects of sustainability

  • ESD staff training

We provide workshops and in-house training to assist your staff in understanding and implementing the value of sustainable practice.

We also provide hand outs and notes that your staff can use for ensuring your sustainable building is operated sustainably. We also provide training of staff in existing non sustainable buildings where we can save running costs by up to 20% simply by ensuring awareness and education of the sustainability principles.

  • Sustainable operations analysis and solutions

Our team will guide you in the implementation of suitable sustainable policy, induction measures, key performances indicators and senior management responsibility charters all around sustainability  and its value to your organization.

Building user surveys.

(Don’t make the same mistakes twice)

Many buildings s are designed and constructed with great fanfare yet are horrible to  for their inhabitants to …inhabit.! They can’t wait to get out of them. To run way, to not turn up or they always finds themselves sick in them etc.  They may be uncomfortable, smelly dark, impractical or in some other way horrible. A building user survey utilising the right survey process enables you to have a greet understanding of the goods and bad points of your facilities either new or existing. That knowledge can be captured and fed back into your new designs or your operational process though the use of building user survey.

We do them often and value is extraordinary.