11th November 2011 – Living Building Challenge

 08th August 2011 – Warrigal Care

22nd June 2011 –  Seventh Day Adventist Aged Care NSW (Ltd)


We were very happy with the audits. Our board has signed off on funding of more than $200k for the coming financial year to begin implementation of the audits, so I would think that’s a measure of the faith we have in the reports.

David Knight
Managing Director

2nd May 2011 – University of New England (UNE) Partnerships Sustainable FM Program

This is to confirm that John Brodie has been providing workshop facilitation, student support and assessment services on the UNE Partnerships Sustainable FM program since August 2010.  The Sustainable FM program is a short course of 10 to 12 weeks duration for Facility Supervisors and Facility Managers wishing to improve their understanding of sustainability and the role of the facilities manager in managing for sustainability. An outline of the program is attached.

Meg Michell Director, Program Management

10th May 2011 – University of Sydney

Mr John Brodie gave a one hour invited lecture to my 4th year undergraduate and post- graduate students on Tuesday 5th October 2010. The presentation formed part of two units of study — Renewable Energy (AMME4241) and Advanced Renewable Energy (MECH5275) — for which I am the lecturer and coordinator.

Mr Brodie’s lecture focused on the importance and practice of environmentally sustainable design of medium-sized commercial buildings – a topic that is very important within the context of our necessary move towards a future based on a sustainable use of our energy resources.

I received a number of very positive comments from the students after John’s lecture and understand that they found it inspiring, challenging and informative. I have invited John to come back this year to give a similar presentation.

Dr. Michael Kirkpatrick

Senior Lecturer in Energy, Fluids and Environment

School of Aerospace, Mechanical & Mechatronic Engineering


1st September 2010 – Baptist Community Services

October 11th 2010 – Catholic Health Australia

Dear John,

Catholic Health Australia is the largest non-government provider grouping of health, community and aged care services in Australia, nationally representing Catholic health care sponsors, systems, facilities and related organisations and services.

The National Conference held in Adelaide in August was an exciting opportunity for our sector to come together to support and learn from one another. Thank you, John for your uplifting and inspiring presentation. You brought together a unique sensibility to developments and fresh ideas for health and aged care – now and into the future.

Once again, thank you for your contribution!


Angela Zervo
Conference Manager
Catholic Health Australia


August 5 2009 – St John of God Hospital Subiaco

St John of God Hospital Subiaco is a world class provate hospital with over 500 beds. SJOGHS provides a wide range of clinical specialities and easy access to a range of onsite diagnostic services including radiology, pathology, MRI, nuclear medicine, ultrasound and two cardiac and vascular intervention laboratories. SJOGHS has a strong committment to environmental responsibility and devloped an Environmental Action Strategy in 2002.

St John of God Hospital Subiaco hosted the 3rd Environmental Management in Health Care Conferernce on Novemeber 2008. The theme of the conference was ‘A Greener Approach: Stepping into Action’. Delegates were from health care organisations and related industries.

Mr John Brodie presented on exploring sustainable design initiatives that can be incorporated into hospitals. His talk about the link between hospitals and our environment was an eye opener to all the delegates. The topic and content he presented was very engaging and received excellent feedback from the attendees.

I would recommend Mr Brodie as a presenter for conferernces focusing on environmental management and sustainability.

Mae Dominquez

Environmental Management officer

St John of God Hospital Subiaco


Annual Housing Congress

Dear Mr Brodie,

Thank you for speaking at the 4th Annual Housing Congress. We asked each delegate to evaluate the speakers/chairs in terms of both content and delivery.
For this we used the following scoring system:

  • Excellent –  9-10 points
  • Very Good – 7-8 points
  • Good – 5-6 points
  • Average – 3-4 points
  • Poor – 1-2 point

The speaker average for this conference was 7.3. Congratulations on receiving an average of 8.3 for your content and delivery.
Additional delegate comments:

  • Excellent models – will follow up
  • Good presentation – great passion and information
Energetic presenter

I hope that you find this feedback useful.

Yours Sincerely,

Danielle Ryan

Conference Producer
Research & Production Team

Inform Australia

Retirement Village Association

Hi John,

Please find attached the survey report we received.  It is not quite what I was expecting but hopefully it will give you some information that can be used on your website.

Considering the number of attendees we didn’t gather many responses however, you were the only speaker to receive an ‘excellent’ report!

Once again, many thanks for your contribution to the day.

Kind regards,

Sandra Carle

Regional Manager SA/NT

Retirement Village Association


Integrated Design Group

‘We have collaborated with John Brodie and the team at VIM Sustainability on projects ranging from a $1.1 million commercial refurbishment to a $120 million aged care facility. Each of these projects have benefitted from John’s practical knowledge of ESD principles and innovative ESD technologies.

The capacity Vim Sustainability has to model a building concept and provide quantitative feedback on thermal comfort and daylight levels has been a valuable tool for us in assessing building concepts and refining design outcomes.

It has been a pleasure for us to collaborate with John and his team. They bring a proactive and energetic approach to a team environment, and their willingness to work hard in pursuit of innovation has been of great assistance in our work towards sustainable architecture.

We look forward to future collaboration.

Simon Thorne 

Integrated Design Group


6PR ‘Big Weekend’ Program

‘John Brodie is a regular guest on 6PR’s ‘Big Weekend’ program. He provides our listeners with concise, innovative and inspirational ideas on sustainable living, whilst drawing attention to the important issue of climate change.

Our talkback callers and emails attest the popularity of this segment, and John’s genial attitude and confident presentation skills ensure his message is delivered in an engaging way.’

Peter Brennan

6PR Executive Producer Perth


University of Technology (Sydney) – Prof. Peter Burgess

‘Dear John,

Allow me to thank you for your series of excellent ‘sustainability’ presentations to my young architecture students. Your lectures have always been entertaining and educational: full of clear factual information. The students have regularly commented on the value of your contributions to my class. My best wishes to yourself and your consultancy.’


Professor Peter Burgess
School of Architecture 
University of Technology, Sydney.


University of Technology (Sydney) – Student

‘Hello John,

I’m a first year student studying the Arts in Architecture at the University of Technology Sydney; you gave a presentation there earlier this morning about sustainability.

Firstly I would like to say, that it was a real eye opener, and it really got me interested. I am actually an interstate student from Darwin, where sustainability is a big thing; well I would like to think that it will soon be.

Thank you very much for your presentation today, and as I am aware, many of the students that I know found your presentation to be one of the most interesting of the entire semester’.

Tom Sherrell



Flower and Samios Architects (Sydney) – John Flower (Principal)

‘…When I was first introduced to John Brodie I thought that he was probably just another person jumping on the sustainability wagon. He isn’t, and I’m thankful we were pushed together by one of my clients.

John Brodie’s enthusiasm for the sustainable quest is infectious and sincere. Designing with him on the team is educational, enjoyable and fruitful.

His group at Vim are over the cutting edge issues on sustainable environments and they contribute to the design process in a collaborative and thoughtful way while Brodie’s background in building ensures that his design input includes everything from the simply sensible to the cutting edge in a manageable and measurable way.

Their computer programmes deliver detailed cost benefit analyses that help our clients to make informed and considered decisions. I have found that his advice always makes sense and is supported by solid data and our clients enjoy both the content and the presentation of Vim’s ideas.

Having Vim Consulting on the design team ensures that there will be rich discussions, wide ranging thinking and detailed cost benefit analysis during the design process.

I hope his world expands rapidly and that many other people get to benefit from his input.’

John Flower
Flower and Samsios Architects


Page Kirkland Group

‘…John has an infectious enthusiasm for sustainability within the Built Form and the construction industry in general. His strength is during the concept phase of a project and he will consider all possible initiatives in a drive to make a development more efficient and sustainable. Unlike many ESD experts, he never loses sight of the importance of cost control to a client and can clearly demonstrate smarter means to operate and maintain buildings. He is unique in his ability to combine buildability knowledge with knowledge of cutting edge engineered products and techniques. He is also able to interface seamlessly with other consultants and with contractors during the construction phase. John travels far and wide across the globe in his search for new and innovative ideas. In many ways he is a pioneer championing initiatives that may at first glance seem unlikely and unfeasible. In the future and away from the current credit crisis, we will look back at the likes of John and his peers as saviours in their un-waivering quest to drive efficiency and sustainability, following a period of unprecedented consumption and short-termism.’

Patrick Wright, Senior Project Manager

Page Kirkland Group



Maroba Nursing Home, Waratah

‘…we used a number of John’s sustainability strategies in our building including improved building thermal envelope, double glazing, night purging and Building Management System (BMS). Whilst our consultants warned these measures would be cost prohibitive the project build price came in $1.3 million under our initial budgeted expectations which had only allowed for a limited number of sustainability measures! We were thrilled with the overall outcome.’

Viv Allanson, CEO

Maroba Nursing Home



Yallambee Aged Care Centre

“…VIM Sustainability principal John Brodie, after a site visit and analysis of building documentation, provided a comprehensive report on actions which might be taken to establish a high level of sustainability for our buildings and operations in both an Aged Care and Church Worship Centre environment taking into account such matters as the local seasonal weather conditions of heat, cold and wind. This report will now provide a Master Plan for any future buildings development and help establish priorities for the retrospective sustainability improvements identified for current buildings and operation. We have appreciated John’s ongoing after sales service and advice in developing our action plans and have no hesitation in recommending his services to those wishing to take the path to a sustainable future.”

Tony Boulton,


Yallambee Aged Care



Presentation at the Retirement Villages Association of New Zealand Conference